Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Lymphatic drainage massage after surgery, post surgical lymphatic drainage may be used for any type of recovery process from surgery (ie. abdominoplasty, lipo, etc.,) and helps to transfer the fluid by gently pushing it back into the lymph system, decreasing edema, fluid retention, discomfort and aiding in the healing process.
Without lymphatic drainage massage post surgery, inflammation can progress to fibrosis (permanent tissue hardening) or seroma (swelling) (pocket of serum).

Benefits of Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage Massage are:

✅ Improved lymph node function
✅ Reduced swelling and inflammation
✅ Boosted immune system
✅ Relaxation
✅ Reduced pain
✅ Reduced toxins and waste products in the body
✅ Improved immunity
✅ Improved skin tone

Depending upon the type of surgery performed, post surgical lymphatic drainage will be customized to your needs and the frequency of the post-op lymphatic drainage treatments will vary depending on your individual needs.