We Can Help You Meet Your Inch Loss And Weight Loss Goals

We Can Help You Meet Your Inch Loss And Weight Loss Goals
At BellaFIT Body Contour™ we can help you meet your inch loss and weight loss goals.

We are able to customize by combining our “Inch Loss and our Supplement Weight Loss Programs.”

Body Contouring is an Inch-Loss Program. For the “Inch Loss Program” we will customize your plan. For example, if you wish to target your abdomen (or any body area), the following services would be beneficial:

✅ Wood Therapy helps destroy stubborn fat and redefines the abdomen
✅ VibroSculpt helps to firm saggy skin on the abdomen
✅ Ultrasound Cavitation to melt away the fat in the abdomen
✅ RadioFrequency to tighten the skin around the abdomen
✅ RF Bipolar Vacuum to dissolve fat and enhance abdomen skin elasticity
✅ Manual Lymphatic Drainage to reduce edema and swelling in the abdomen
✅ Infrared Sauna Blanket for detox, relaxation and to reduce 1-2 inches off the waist and hips.
**Note: The above mentioned services can be done in the following body areas as well such as, arms, back, thighs, etc.

For the “Supplement Weight Loss Program” we will customize your plan with our 100% natural and organic supplements. For example, supplements that will target your abdomen that would be beneficial and that you will NOT find in stores ONLY at BellaFIT Body Contour are as follows:

💊 Despanzate Plus
- Detoxifies, reduces inflammation and reduces abdominal area

💊 Menos -4 Kilos D’ Cintura
- Targets visceral fat, accumulated fat, with a main focus on waist, belly and abdomen area by losing 6-8lbs

💊 Bypass Select
- Lose 10-20lbs in one month

💊 Bypass Purify Night
- Promotes weightloss while sleeping at night

💊 Pina Intense
- Relieves bulging belly, detoxify, speeds up metabolism and eliminates constipation

We offer waist trainers to assist you in defining your waist figure. The waist trainers are designed to reduce your waist and shape your silhouette. Our waist trainer products have three levels of adjustments to give you the perfect compression that you need.

❓You can inquire of other services we offer such as Whole Body Vibration Therapy, Waist Trainers, Diet & Nutrition, etc.

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