VibroSculpt Service

VibroSculpt Service
VibroSculpt Service will be available to our beautiful clients. VibroSulpt’s VibroBuff™ technology uses powerful but gentle micro-vibration and micro-compression technology to send soothing vibration waves through your skin. Vibro Sculpt is a service using a handheld massager which is a safe, practical, and effective method for full body massaging.

✅ Targets stubborn areas
✅ Improve skin appearance
✅ Tightens figure
✅ Sculpts body
✅ Increases circulation
✅ Soothes aches & pains

Body areas:
✅ Back
✅ Arms
✅ Abdomen
✅ Love handles
✅ Buttock
✅ Legs (Inner & Outer)

Appointments only
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